5 Ways to Develop your Communication Skills

I believe practice makes perfect because every person has a unique personality and it’s important to know how to properly communicate without miscommunication. I have realized that most people are misunderstood and struggle with expressing themselves clearly. The communication skills I’m providing are not just for the workplace but also for everyday interactions. These 5 ways of developing your communication skills will help you gain the trust of others, make your perception a positive one and will make your work and social life easier. I currently am a supervisor for a multi-million-dollar company, so these are the skills I practice daily and it does work. I personally use these skills on first time interactions as well and the results are amazing. I quickly gain the trust of others and also make them feel more comfortable.

Before I give you the 5 ways of developing your communication skills you need to understand that perception is everything from when you meet someone for the first time to inside that workplace. The reality is people naturally judge so your actions speaks a thousand words. It just like the saying “actions speak louder than words” and “practice what you preach.”

Listening is important because when you have a conversation with someone you want to make sure that person feel like they are being heard. My advice is to always keep eye contact it shows that you are fully engaged in the conversation. A great way to prove your listening is to summarize what the person said, it shows you are trying to understand this person. Summarizing will minimize any miscommunication between the both of you because if the person feels like you did not understand the person with repeat and try to explain it in a different way. Listening builds that relationship between you and the other person.

Body Language
Body language is important because this shows how engaged you are with the conversation. A great way to show your listening is keeping a straight posture, not crossing your arms or putting your hands in your pockets which shows your impatient and simply don’t care. Another way to show good body language are gestures like smiling and nodding, not playing with an object or tapping your foot. This shows your not interested which the best advice I have is to stop everything your doing and focus on them completely, this will gain their trust and they will open up to you naturally.

Treat Everyone Equally
Treating everyone equally could be an easy or hard thing to do. Even though you know the intention of the person always assume positive content until proven otherwise. You truly do not know what going on in their life so assuming positive content will show them that you are treating them with respect and it gives the person an opportunity to show and treat you with respect as well, look at it as a positive exchange. This positive exchange will quickly turn into building a relationship with any person.

Maintain a Positive Attitude
Maintaining a positive attitude is important because remember perception is everything. In the workplace, when something goes wrong and someone gets upset. Never blame the person blame the process that lead the person to get upset. Attack the process and not the people. This will show your willing to investigate the problem and will try to do something about it. This will help you gain their trust and understand the root causes. In any environment, my best advice is “fake it till you make it” when something goes wrong and you want to panic or get angry, act calm and speak on something positive. When you fake the positivity, sometimes your mind will believe you are not faking which you aren’t because our brains have multiple options on one subject so understand the positive aspect of things first could be better. Another advice I have is collect your thoughts before telling others how you feel. I realized from experience that some people take things that wrong way naturally without asking you for an explanation. Also, know when it’s appropriate to say something and watch how you say it because the tone of your voice will determine other actions.

Document Everything [This is more for the workplace]
Writing notes on important key points of a conversation or situation shows that you care about what they are telling you. They also will feel like you are taking them seriously and not just brushing them off. Showing them that it has been documented will let them know you are willing to follow up with them. Documentation shows you are taking the initiative to find the root cause of the issue. Documentation isn’t always for them, it will benefit you by helping you remember.

I hope this helped with developing some communication skills. Understanding that perception is the #1 thing you to practice and everything else will follow. Listening, body language, treating others equally, maintaining a positive attitude and documentation are all important in everyday life to make communication more effective and avoiding any miscommunication.

Please email me at ciarajones150@outlook.com or comment below if you have done any of these 5 communication skills and tell me your experience, I would love to hear them.

4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Develop your Communication Skills

    1. sorry for the delay, I just had a baby and finally getting back to my blog:) so your difficulties are body language, maintaining a positive attitude and documentation. It’s a matter of practice, practice, practice! practice makes perfect. Start with one thing at a time, let’s start with body language… It took me months to get the body language down and honestly, it’s still hard sometimes considering that every human interaction is different. Start with eye contact, when having a conversation with someone look them straight in the eyes and continue the conversation. the trick is in your mind act like it’s a competition on who’s eyes will look away first and it’s ok if you lose a few time until you get it right. when you win, it shows them you are 100% focused on them and shows confidence. (the first time I won I was so happy I started smiling and yelling yess!! in my head haha) try it and let me know how it goes! if you want to talk more just email me at ciarajones150@outlook.com or find me on Instagram at cicijones150 🙂


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