Elevator Speech

What is an Elevator Speech?
This Speech is a clear message about you. It’s meant to market yourself and a great way to introduce yourself in a professional level. It’s a way of letting someone know what your about in no more than 30 second, quick and to the point. This is good for anyone from someone getting a job to creating a pitch for yourself.

What you need to create the pitch?
1. Identify your goal
2. Explain what you do
3. What makes you unique? (be persuasive)

2 things you do not want to do
1. Don’t speak monotone – It’s all in how you say it, and this is important because you are creating the mood between you and the person.
2. Avoid rambling – the person will feel distracted instead of feeling engaged.

How to create an elevator speech

  1. Create a list
    • Have a blank paper and number it 1 through 10. Fill out important information that you believe you want them to know most about you, your goals and what you do.
  2. The Pen
    • This is when you want to have a different colored pen to make it visible and eliminate anything unclear or unnecessary information.
    • Re-word if needed – wording is important because you don’t want any miscommunication.
  3. Pick a card
    • Have 4 index cards and label them, “who am I,” “what I do,” “how I do it,” and “Why I do it.”
    • Have 2 sentences per card – will help you practice different pitches that could fit different scenarios.
  4. Put it together


Here is a useful PDF file that provides more details and even some great examples: Elevator Speech

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