Ways to Challenge Yourself

Life is all about your own personal growth so what are you going to do about it? Just sit at home doing nothing with yourself or do things that you know will give you a satisfying gain weather it’s mentally, physically or emotionally.

Below, there are 5 ways I personally challenge myself. If you do at least 2 things out of this list you will start to feel more motivated and determined to be a greater you. I know I sure have! This list changed my life because when have anxiety and depression I get into these moods that consisted of lack of motivation and lack of desire but as soon as I start this list, my world changes to a more positive and stress-less life. Therefore, I like to share my battles and personal growth to help you find your way of happiness like I do for myself.

  1. Read books
    • Read books on Leadership. It will open your mind to possibilities and change the way you think about normal things in life. Leadership books will help you focus on yourself, your goals and will help you turn them into life time actions.
    • I personally go to my nearest library and rent books out. Watch Leadership Videos
  2. My 2 favorite websites to watch are
    • Ted Talks on YouTube which speeches from humans with multiple kinds of expertise.
    • Udemy which contains some great free online courses about specific things you want to learn or do.
  3. Attend Workshops
    • Anytime I see a free workshop on business or leadership related subjects, I sign up for them and Attend! The hardest part for most people is to commit to it. Attending is the most important part because you will never know if that workshop is worth it unless you go.
    • The library has many resources that most people don’t use anymore like finding workshops to attend [Hint. Hint].
  4. Have a Success Journal
    • I personally have a Journal that has all my goals from a year plan to a 5-year plan and different ways I could achieve these goals. I look at this journal daily to remind myself what my priorities are and helps me stay focus.
  5. Reflect
    • I personally mediate at least 30 minutes a week. it helps me find your inner purpose and happiness. I mentally take myself to my own happy place because let’s be honest we talk to ourselves more than we take to others so why not create our own world in our minds to create our own happiness.
    • Working out or yoga is another great reflection because you are focusing on your body and keeping yourself mentally and physically involved with yourself.

If you have any personal development tips, please comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Remember this blog is for all of us to grow and achieve our own success as team.

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