The Anxious Mind

Every day is a struggle to move forward because the anxiety take control of the brain.
The brain knows life moves forward no matter what is going on in the world while the anxious mind feels like its own life is in a huge cycle that can’t be broken.
The brain calls this habit
The anxious mind starts to think deeply, what is a habit? To me is something that one does for enjoyment but get so wrapped up that one is in a bubble that only they could understand.
The anxious mind speaks to the brain, “what if there is no habit? There is nothing I truly enjoy than to be around my husband. What if one doesn’t have the energy like most to get up in the morning and start the day with breakfast or a run?
While the brain tries to answer the anxious mind over powers it by overthinking
Feeling stuck at a job I hate which makes it harder to get up in the morning because there is nothing to look forward to other than a day off and being around the family. Day in and day out, I’m looking for a way out, a way to have my own income and do something I look forward to doing every day.
Anxious mind continues to think, what if all I think about are the things I used to do and for some reason can’t do them now. Why? Why holding back?
what if all I want to do is sit on a coach watch TV, read or write all day?
Is that being lazy? Or is that just a habit?
Cleaning the house becomes the worst thing in the world when 5 years ago that was something I truly enjoyed doing. I guess actions and feeling change.
As the anxious mind continues to rant the brain gets sicker inside trying the push the positivity that the mind once had.
The brain yells time to time at the anxious mind to push forward and continue trying, always reminding the mind to never give up, for me, my husband and our child. Stop being selfish by just thinking about myself and focus on them…
But the anxious mind continues… over thinking not about myself this time but what my husband thinks…
This cycle is never ending!
how to break it?!
The brain gave up and never replied back

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