Benefits of Being Open-Mind

Being open-minded means that you are open to everyone and everything that comes your way, allowing yourself to embrace different possibilities, opportunities, people, views, suggestions and interests. This practice will take you from being limited to becoming limitless.

Keeping an open mind is one of the most difficult but fun things to practice. You will gain confidence by opening yourself up to opportunities with people you never would imagine, strengthen yourself by making your mind limitless to information and experience change which for most of you, this is the hardest part but also the most fun because you wouldn’t want to shut down a curious moment, right?! you would want to embrace it and learn more. Learning more is expanding your mind which will give you better opportunities and a more positive lifestyle.
When starting this practice, you will encounter things that will be difficult at first. First, you will not understand the person views and try to leave the conversation instead of asking questions and getting more involved. Second, you won’t see what they’re explaining to you as an opportunity instead looking for the opportunity in everyone. Remember you can learn from everyone whether it’s bad or good there is always a lesson behind it. Third, you will have a lower level of tolerance which will give you the urge to show them that they’re wrong, instead of stating facts or valid points where both views could differ (don’t forget that the learning experience isn’t just for you but for them as well).
I practiced open-mindedness for 8 years now, it is a great journey, I have embraced so many people, my views on many things have changed because I didn’t limit myself to just my own experiences. A barrier I had at first was not willing to understanding the other person which became stressful because I was always trying to argue instead of understanding and still owning my own thoughts, so, I changed the way I approached people in every conversation I had. I starting to become more curious and did a lot of research on certain topics and expanded my mind to so many different things. I started to become more and more limitless because instead of arguing I tried to understand their views and reason behind things and asking why and how. Feeling limitless makes me feel confident because I know what I believe and want out of life now because I could explain the why and how. I was also able to gain so many relationships through this practice which lead me to gain the trust of others even though there were certain things I didn’t agree on, I still accepted them as they are and for what they believe in.

I would say these are my top 3 benefits of being open-minded:

  1. Strengthen yourself
    • Challenge your thoughts by asking questions
    • Gain a higher tolerance level by allowing yourself to accept and embrace others and letting go of control.
    • You will free your mind from limiting your thoughts
  2. Gain confidence
    • Gain skills and knowledge from others because you will understand different points of views not just your own.
    • It will become self-empowering because your developing a stronger backbone, meaning you will go from being uncertain to knowing why you view things a curtain way.
    • Relationships flourish because you become more honest in a way that you accept and understand others views and beliefs but also have your own which others will respect because you respect theirs.
  3. Experience change
    • Your creativity will spark like trying a different art form, writing a different way, and viewing something in a different way.
    • Curiosity will spark from being unsure so attending a concert or an event that you normally don’t will become fun and exciting. You will never know what you like until you try it.
    • You will become more aware by learning new things which will make you’re a more positive person because instead of pushing it away your embrace it for what it is.

I would love to know about your journey so comment below or just email me at

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