Where does it come from?
A feeling that can control me
A feeling that could push you off the edge
This feeling that I have rose up inside like a vine grips to a wall.
Attaching itself like a baby attaches to the womb
Why is it here?
Demanding an answer like a mother yelling why!? As their child lays dead
As the body retaliates from the yelling, punching, or breaking something all I could do is sit down in a empty room hoping that this feeling would go away. Becoming more worried than angry because of the confusion of having a feeling that never existed before.
This feeling starts becoming a tic that is attached to the skin, growing as it sucks the blood.
How do I tame this beast called anger?
Taming requires my feeling to stay within, not allowing my emotions get in the way of my happiness.
Writing this poem to eliminate all this anger that is pint up inside.
Throwing my emotions on paper, as I write each word the anger starts to slip away slow and gentle like the fall season makes the trees loss its leaves. Once the leaves are all gone, the tree still looks beautiful, bare and soon to be coated with pearly white snow.
Thoughts slip away, and anger becomes bare as it gently gets covered up with beautiful snow called happiness.

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