30 Day Self-Love Challenge

Before starting this challenge, here are some benefits of doing this challenge:

  1. It will get you closer on finding yourself, your goals, and your future hobbies
  2. It gives you guidance and progression. There are some things on this list that you will like to do which will help you get focused on one goal a day. There are also things you will not like to do which will get you out of your comfort zone.
  3. Doing something different everyday will challenge you in ways that will exercise the way you think and act.
  4. Routine will build a successful lifestyle and what a great way to start with yourself!

 30 Day Self-Love Challenge

  1. Stay offline for a day
  2. Meditate for 15 minutes
  3. Don’t complain for a day
  4. Journal for 30 minutes
  5. No TV  and read instead
  6. Take a walk
  7. Create a goal-board
  8. Learn something new
  9. Go out without your phone
  10. Eliminate a toxic relationship
  11. Exercise for 30 minutes
  12. Take a bubble bath
  13. Make a list of your accomplishment
  14. Watch a self-love and self-care ted talk
  15. Yoga for 20 minutes
  16. Try something new
  17. Write your best qualities
  18. Get rid of 3 things you don’t use
  19. Do an art project
  20. Get a message
  21. Go dancing
  22. Do something you’ve been afraid of
  23. Introduce yourself to 2 people you don’t know
  24. Quit a bad habit for a day
  25. Make a gratitude log
  26. Do something to celebrate your body
  27. Complete an act of kindness
  28. Don’t spend money for a day
  29. Give up caffeine for a day
  30. Write a letter to your future self


Any questions just contact me at ciarajones150@outlook.com

I will be glad to help any way I can.

Have Fun and Enjoy

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