Success comes with Optimism and Pessimism

Success comes with Optimism and Pessimism is the tendency to see the worst in things and optimism is hopefulness and confidence about an outcome. It always better to have a balance between the two because optimism looks at the opportunities and pleasant outcomes when pessimism helps you see the obstacles you will face and the realities that could come from it.

Here are 5 ways to ensure success in both optimistic and pessimistic way:

  1. Find an opportunity in every difficulty, there is always one. (Optimism)
  2. There is no such thing as failure, it’s just feedback on how to do it better next time. (Optimism)
  3. Gain Balance by stepping back and seeing the bigger picture. (Pessimism)
    • What’s the reality of this situation?
    • What is most likely to happen?
    • What can I do that is within my control?
    • What could I lose and gain out of this situation?
    • How else could I see it?
  4. Seek the best and prepare for the worst for a healthy and emotional stability. (Pessimism)
  5. If not sure whether to be pessimistic or optimistic about something, just replace it with hope. Hope is a great place to start than you could map things out. (Both)

The best way to ensure success is to believe that you might fail because you will be prepared for things that could happen throughout your outcomes. You will work hard to avoid these mistakes and have a plan B. This is where pessimism takes place because you start seeing the worst things that could happen and prepare for them. This could also lose your focus on what is important because you will spend all your time avoiding outcomes and not actually putting your work out there and seeing what could happen. So, don’t lose focus! don’t spend your time avoiding mistakes, just take your project and be certain you will succeed just understand that there are risks involved. This is where optimism comes in, be hopeful about what you do, it’s what you love to do right? No matter what happens you will always do it because it makes your happy, why not take the risk? Someone once told me, “clarity comes with action,” this means just do it and if it goes wrong, fix it or move on to a better project. How will you know what your ideas are worth if you do just go for it, right?

Some of you are thinking, “taking a risk and just throw myself out there? What if they don’t like it? What if I fail? I don’t want to get denied, laughed at, or taken as a joke. Which are normal thoughts! It’s okay to have them, I even have them. In my opinion, be honest with yourself and if your passionate about it, fuck what anyone says! You will always find people out there that are 1. Will be passionate about the same thing as you and 2. Will support your journey regardless on how silly it may be to them. You will honestly be surprised how many strangers will support you! don’t be afraid to invent in yourself, you deserve it. Look at me, I don’t have many people following me right now but I know once people get to know me more and see my passion, I know I will get more followers and If I don’t, it’s okay because I love what I am doing.

I will end this in a quote that keeps me going “don’t work hours for a company then go home and not work on your own goals. You are not tired, you’re uninspired.”

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