How to Gain Self-Acceptance

Understand that you are the best version of yourself because no one is you or will be you! Embrace your own unique ways. At this moment start giving yourself time to grow because it’s a journey. You will never stop growing so this is infinite journey that you should enjoy and not fear. I’m going to tell you what worked for me and if you are willing to try these activities and tips, you may receive a better understanding about yourself and gain acceptance. I also hope this becomes a joyful journey and it will be hard at time because there are moments in your life you to ignore but if you really think about it, it made you who you are today whether it was a lesson or just something that was part of your journey. It is time to accept it! So, let’s get started:

  1. Let go of mistakes in the past
    • Sometimes thinking about your past could be good because it could help you move forward and remind you of what you shouldn’t repeat. It is important to let them go as well because it doesn’t become a burden anymore instead, it becomes an opportunity to grow. Your past is only bad if you don’t learn from it. Learning from the past is what makes you a stronger person so letting it go is to accept your past for what it is so don’t hide it, embrace it and let it be apart of your growth.
    • Your mistakes shouldn’t define who you are, it should be a stepping stone of who your about to become!
  2. Embrace the unknown
    • “expect nothing and accept everything” – Buddha
      • This quote is the truth! When I started to expect nothing from others, I stopped getting disappointed and I accept things as they are. I practice this quote till this day and now I feel free from worry and disappointment.
    • Embracing the unknown is fun because you will gain knowledge on things you never done. The unknown will help you get to know yourself. For example, I didn’t think I would like plays but when I went to one I fell in love!
  3. Dress up
    • This is something that will boost your confidence and will help you accept yourself. Make sure you dress the way you like and not the way society wants you to dress. One day go shopping on your own and buy one outfit, this will help you see what you truly like and not what your friends or family think is cute or nice.
  4. Don’t compare yourself
    • What makes you different from the rest? What makes you shine? Why compare yourself to others when each person is different in their own way. You will get exhausted trying to not be yourself. Being yourself is a freeing experience, you should try it. Never let anyone tell you, how you should be! Embrace your weird self! I sure do! Being unique is what makes you who you are! Your friends and family love you for who you are and if they don’t then they aren’t worth your time or space. I dare you to be different, I you dare to be you. Take yourself out on date and understand what you love about yourself and embrace it.
  5. Appreciate what you have
    • There are many people in this world that don’t have internet, a roof over their heads, the privilege to a have a shower every day, the luxury things like a cell phone, TV or a car. Be happy that you have those things. You have everything you need that makes you happy. Desire and lust is what makes a person unhappy. Look at what you have and work with it until you can get what you want. If you don’t accept and appreciate what you have then everything you own and do will never be enough and you will never be happy with yourself. It is one thing to want to achieve success, but it is also another thing when you’re not happy in the process.
    • Once you understand the difference between want and need, your life will be much better and accepting yourself will become easier because you’re not thinking about what you want or need. You will strictly think about you, what you have and how you will work threw it to become better. This will make you limitless not limited because you’re working with what you have and achieving success instead of buying things you think you need and achieve nothing.
  6. Journal/Mediate
    1. You could either write or mediate on these questions:
      1. What are 5 things you love about yourself?
      2. What do you want people to remember about you?
      3. Who is your greatest role model? Do you have some of these qualities in yourself?
      4. What keeps you up at night? Why?
      5. Where do you feel safe and loved?
      6. When I am old, I hope to accomplish…
      7. What are 5 things I will not compromise?
      8. How many people in my life would save me?
      9. When I see myself in the mirror what do I see? Describe.
      10. Think about today. What happened? Is there anything you would have done differently? Is there anything you were happy about?


Hope these things help you like it helped me.

If you need someone to talk to just email me at

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