Power of Discomfort

Treat getting out of your comfort zone as your super power because just like a super hero they fight for what they believe in and don’t give up when things get hard they push through it even when they feel uncomfortable or uncertain about it. If they know it’s for the right cause they will go for it no matter what! You should treat life that way. My advice is if you fear something, try it out and see what you fear about it. Gain the power of discomfort! For example, my niece feared roller coasters and one day we asked her, “why you fear roller coasters, if you haven’t tried it yet?” she couldn’t answer that question, so she decided to try it. Now, she loves it and even rides the front sit.

Discomfort is the beginning of becoming successful because taking a risk is what leaders do. If you think about people like J.K Rowling, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Nick Woodman, they stepped out of their comfort zone to pursue their dreams. They never gave up on becoming successful because they got comfortable with being uncomfortable, confident being uncertain, and push through all the challenging times. Discomfort is a way to grow because you are taking risks and pushing yourself. How do you know if the feeling of discomfort is a positive one? Ask yourself these three questions: Will I benefit from it? Would I feel good about it afterwards? Would this become an accomplishment or achievement? If all these questions are answered with a Yes, then go for it! if your experience was still nerve-racking then ask yourself this… if I didn’t do what I did, would I have regret it? would there be a “what if” moment?

When you get comfortable with being uncomfortable, it shows how much you strive for what you want. For example, at my job I must consistently go out of my comfort zone like presenting issues that occurred and describing how I made a change to fix those issues to a large group in management or writing the end of shift report and sending it out to the management across the network. I was always nervous about it because if I make a mistake I could make our site look bad. After a while I got used to being uncomfortable and even asked to continue the reports and presentations because I want to improve myself and become a better leader. Now managers from other networks know my name and ask for my opinion when there’s a change in the company. If it wasn’t for myself just going for it, I wouldn’t have been known network wide. Of course, I made mistakes and got uncomfortable, but I still tried and tried again. Still not the best but I got better and that’s what leading me to success.

When you get confident being uncertain, it gives you a chance to do what you love. Embrace uncertainty because it’s okay to feel like a project could fail but not giving up is where the confidence come in to overcome the uncertainty and that is where the success lay. For example, I have this blog and I love what I do. I had many uncertainties about this blog like would it be successful, would I even help anyone, would people even read it? even when I was uncertain I was confident that I would write no matter what because it’s what I love to do, so I went for it. My number of readers aren’t as much as I would like but it’s a start and I’m fine with that. I’m confident that sooner than later my success with my blog will flourish because if I work hard enough my blog will get noticed.
When you push through challenges it’s what makes you grow, so don’t give up because something it’s hard or something fear. Take that risk and show everyone who’s boss and keep pursuing what you love! I encourage you to do something new, explore your uncertainties and discomforts. Embrace the world of the unknown, and have fun.

Please comment, I would love to know your point-of-views. If commenting isn’t your cup of tea, please support me by spreading the word, thank you for the support!

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