There are many benefits to meditation like It encourages healthy habits, help you seek self-awareness which will lead to inner happiness, improves concentration and reduces stress. Meditation to me means seeking self-awareness. It’s a time of the day that you make for yourself and it’s all about you. I also believe mediation is a way to create a world in your mind. This world becomes a safe space where you could reflect to become a better version of yourself. Your thoughts make you who you are so being honest with yourself is important. Meditation will improve your concentration which is great because creating discipline for yourself will lead you to a more successful lifestyle.

If you are a beginner, start with choosing your practice which means picking a hand position, pose, how long for, how many days in a week [ I recommend mediating at least once a week] that is best for you, etc.… and stick to it! The whole point is to stick to something and focus on one thing. No matter what happens during meditation, finish what you are set to do! There are no right or wrong way to mediate so do not judge the way you’re doing it. This post is just for a little guidance, use it however you please.

There are many ways to reflect but here is my journey and maybe it helps find your practice:

I started with focusing on my breathing [deep breath in your nose and out your mouth] It would put a timer on my phone for 3 minutes [ I added a minute each day] I would close my eyes and focus on my breathing. Every time I would get distracted I recognized why I got distracted and quickly tried to focus on my breathing again. Once the timer went off, I journal my experience and how my mind changed and developed like what did you notice about your thoughts? How long did it take you to realize your mind had wandered?

#1 TIP: always bring your focus back to breathing because It will help you focus on one thing

I started checking in with myself throughout the day and where I could let go of thoughts and go back to being centered. For example, allowing my frustration to take over or over thinking about something. The goal here was to notice it’s happening and get back to the breath. I started mediating on one thing that happened that day and reflected on myself which helped my find my problems and eventually fix it like my anxiety. I didn’t know what my triggers were till I mediated on it.

I mediate 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. I feel more self-aware, but I know I still need a lot more work. I still check with myself throughout the day and focus on one thing that I did. I think about how I went about the issue, what could I have done better, why did I feel that way, was I already bothered by something else? Is what I did okay? Will it help me grow? What lessens did I take from it? etc.… I also started getting in to stones so I can’t wait for that journey.

Here are some good things to have when you are meditating. When your eyes are closed your senses will enhance so having something for each of your senses is great because it helps you relax, reduce stress and focus. Reminder: You do not need any of these things unless you want it.

  1. Smell – candles, essential oil diffuser, or incense
  2. Hear – meditation or instrumental music on YouTube or Pandora. [ I would not recommend hearing anything with words because it will just distract you]
  3. Sight – face the wall or place yourself in a room that will make you feel relax when your eyes are closed because if you’re a beginner, you will get distracted with sounds and will open your eyes.
  4. Taste – no gum because it’s a distraction so make sure you have nothing in your mouth.
  5. Touch – hand gestures help with touch because your hands will be relaxed where ever it sits. Others like to hold crystals/stones which are great because it’s a great way to focus on a goal. For example, if you have anxiety or depression any stone that is blue is good to reduce stress and tension. What you do is, you hold the stone and think about what you want to use the stone for like “I want this stone to help me overcome stress and help me not worry so much.” So now every time you mediate with that stone you will focus on that goal.

How do you mediate?

  1. Poses
    • Cross your legs and sit up straight. I recommend placing you back against the way because it will help with your posture. This is my personal favorite, I place one foot in front of the other than alternate the next day.
    • Sit on a chair with your toes facing straight and legs together with your hands flat on your thighs.
  2. Hand Positions [I alternate between these three]
    • Reflection – it’s like your holding a cup with two hands so your left hand goes on top of the right and your thumbs touch at the tip while creating a circle shape. Thumb nails facing the sky.
    • Feel grounded – hand rested on your knees
    • Patience and discipline – it looks like the OK gesture. Your middle finger tip will touch your thumb.

I told you my journey, the benefits, things you may want to try, and how to mediate. Hope this helps direct you to the right path.

Please comment or email me at, I would love to know your point-of-views. If commenting isn’t your cup of tea, please support by spreading the word, thank you for the support!

Thank you for the request, It was a pleasure writing about meditation!


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