Benefits of No Electronics

It’s important to take one day out of the week off away from electronics because it will benefit you in many ways like develop better communication skills, develop relationship building skills, miss out on fun activities and special moments, build self-awareness and gain more confidence. It’s important to do things for yourself or with others without any distractions. Electronics sometimes pull you away from reality and it’s always good to put the phone down and smell the flowers or have a conversation in person. Your life revolves around electronics so why not get away from it for a bit. It’s like doing the same thing over again then do something else to change your mood, create some excitement or even help you miss it.

These benefits will help you become more successful, I will tell you how each benefit will make you more effective in being successful.

  1. Develop better communication skills
    • Talking to someone in person is better than talking to them through text or phone because you get to capture their emotions through body language. Some hide their emotions when they’re on the phone or texting because the other person can’t see them. For example, the word “lol” most of the time people aren’t really laughing. Some of you are afraid of confrontation like me but once you get used to talking to others about issues it becomes easier to express yourself instead of running away from your problems or shutting down. Answer this, how will you know if things could get better with someone if they don’t know how you feel? How will you know if something between others and yourself are worth saving if you don’t speak up? It’s better to know what’s going on than to never know what it could be, and this goes for all issues.
  2. Develop relationship building skills
    • When you don’t have electronics, you will learn much more about your partner or friend because social media and other electronics it only shows the best side of a person. When you are physically around the person you will get to know them better because you get to see all sides of them. Being together with no distractions is also a great way to get to know each other without any miss communication. What if talking isn’t my strength? That’s okay, expressing that is one way to help you open yourself up, it could even lead to a conversation.
  3. Miss out on fun activities and special moments
    • Did you ever go to a get together like thanksgiving or a party and see everyone on their phone not talking to each other? There are no special moments anymore! Why not do something in the spur of the moment and not take a picture. When you’re too busy trying to capture the moment, you forget that you are in the moment so why not Embrace the occasion and enjoy the memory. For example, this week I went to the African-American History Museum with my mother-in-law, we learned and experienced so much! The memory of going and being apart of this event was an amazing experience and no pictures were taken because we were so in the moment, we were just embracing the history and learning experience.
  4. Build self-awareness
    • You will realize what you like or dislike about yourself and others. This ties in with 1 and 2 because for 1. You will eventually be able to communicate how you truly feel without any miscommunication and 2. Building a real relationship will expand your interests. You will be more aware of your surroundings and become more alert because you’re not focusing on something that isn’t physically there.
  5. Gain more confidence
    • In the business world, you will gain more confidence if you practice not using electronics for example, showing that you don’t need to have your phone around is impressive now and days.
    • Sad to say but people in today’s world are slowly forgetting how to properly communicate with each other due to the electronic being the wall they put up for other people. Confidence is an action statement because the only way your confident is to show it and with confidence there is good verbal skills and you won’t get that with electronics.

These are some things you can do that will get you away from electronics:

  1. Indoor Fun
    • Game night with board games
    • Dinner, Movie, bowling or skating
    • Gym, dance or comedy club, take a class
  2. Outdoor Fun
    • Nature walks, Amusement parks, gun range or pool
    • Play a sport, beach, caving, or biking
    • Volunteer, do a picnic, fishing/crabbing or playing with snow or rain
  3. Fun on your own
    • Take a long bath, get a message, get a manicure or pedicure
    • read, write, draw/color, cook/bake or find a hobby
    • meditate, yoga, make something like soap or candles


Please comment, I would love to know your point-of-views. If commenting isn’t your cup of tea, please support me by spreading the word, thank you for the support!


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