My Story



My name is Ciara Jones, but everyone calls me CiCi and I am a personal development blogger. My passion is to help others develop a better state of mind to go from limited to limitless. I am here as a mentor to provide a positive influence and provide ways to develop your own personal growth.

About Me:
I am a 26-year-old Scorpio, a wife to a wonderful husband, Dior and a mother to a handsome boy, Ettore. I am a snake and cacti collector, research freak and an aspiring writer. I love Japanese anime and shows, Netflix and Mickey Mouse. My favorite things to eat are French fries, Salmon and Mangoes.

My Story:
I am a first-generation college graduate from Penn State University with a bachelor’s in communications arts and science with a minor in community and civic engagement. This degree gave me all the resources to communicate effectively and become the resource to many communities about numerous subjects like living a successful lifestyle, creating a positive mindset and overcoming emotional barriers.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, home of brotherly love so they call it. My childhood was great but as I got older the city became a place where I was surrounded by negativity. Understanding how it feels to live a life where food didn’t come easily, not having electric or water for days at a time and a place where shootings happened right on my door step. For many, this lifestyle took over their lives while I strived to get out of it. In my college journey, I became a mentor for under privileged first year college students like myself to give whatever support they needed to succeed and become the first in their families to become college graduates. I was also a president of a sisterhood which I influenced woman to become entrepreneurs. Which every single person I mentored and coached are living a life of success and I’m proud of all of them.

During and after this college journey I dealt with depression and anxiety [Check out category, My Lost Place]. For people who don’t truly understand these mental blocks, it’s like your heart and mind are fighting with each other. The heart finds the positivity in everything while the mind figures out how to do things and get things done which for the most part controls the negativity and it overpowers the heart every time. These mental blocks come and go, for some it’s consist and for others are sporadic but whenever it does come back I feels like everything you worked for and all the progress you’ve done goes back to square one and you start feeling like you lost your place.

I have learned to overcome these mental blocks whenever it decides to haunt me again. I became determined to get out of this negative bubble and started finding different ways to overcome it like writing, meditation, and taking nature walks. The feeling of being worthless, useless and incompetent was something I dealt with for a long time. When I found out about blogging it changed my life, I became happy and got so involved in my own work, this became my passion. Writing is something I can’t stop thinking about and consistently improving on. I found my self-worth, usefulness and empowerment through writing. My goal of becoming a writer is an important goal for me. Writing made me become limitless and I’m happy even though this is a free side job for me, FOR NOW haha

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