Benefits of No Electronics

It’s important to take one day out of the week off away from electronics because it will benefit you in many ways like develop better communication skills, develop relationship building skills, miss out on fun activities and special moments, build self-awareness and gain more confidence. It’s important to do things for yourself or with others without any distractions. Electronics sometimes pull you away from reality … Continue reading Benefits of No Electronics


There are many benefits to meditation like It encourages healthy habits, help you seek self-awareness which will lead to inner happiness, improves concentration and reduces stress. Meditation to me means seeking self-awareness. It’s a time of the day that you make for yourself and it’s all about you. I also believe mediation is a way to create a world in your mind. This world becomes … Continue reading Meditation

Success comes with Optimism and Pessimism

Success comes with Optimism and Pessimism is the tendency to see the worst in things and optimism is hopefulness and confidence about an outcome. It always better to have a balance between the two because optimism looks at the opportunities and pleasant outcomes when pessimism helps you see the obstacles you will face and the realities that could come from it. Here are 5 ways … Continue reading Success comes with Optimism and Pessimism

Set and Achieve Goals like a Boss

Setting goals sometimes could be a pain in the ass because you have to keep reminding yourself and making sure you deliver those goals. Holding yourself accountable starts feeling like a side job. This is where most people fail because they already have so much to do so why add more to the mix! Well, I have a few tips and tricks to make your … Continue reading Set and Achieve Goals like a Boss

Start with Why: Inspired Leaders

There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or inspire it. Most businesses manipulate by lowing the prices or having deals like buy one get one free. This is reducing the value of your products while getting fast money. The more businesses do this the more people are not willing to pay the deserved price for it. It becomes more … Continue reading Start with Why: Inspired Leaders